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to sleep, and... i like to have energy to do stuff at night. yeah? you do? yeah, i do. are there any... supplements you take or something? what, like a vitamin pack? (chuckles) last year, i trained for this triathlon, and my old boyfriend gave me something called mexican dragon? that stuff was dynamite. i might know somebody. want to meet up for a drink later? yeah, that'd be awesome. why do i have to hose out the back of the car? that's what rookies do. till when? hey, process him. and i have to do paperwork? you looking for me? yes. they took tomas' phone, and i didn't know how to reach you. who took it? the boys who beat him. marisol, all due respect, there's nothing i can do for him, okay? he made his choice. no, you have to help him. no, i don't. he went back to the courts. what are you talking about? i don't know if they followed him or if the cisneros' lawyer said something, but the word is on the street. he changed his testimony? yes, for you. and look at what it got him. into the hospital. okay. okay. wait here. (siren wailing in distance) for a smart guy, you sure are stupi
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1